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About Us

Who are we
Our Story

The owners Chris & Pat Williams founded The Message Center in 1997 

Our Vision

To serve our customers locally, and nationally with specialized, accurate, and professional customer service. 

Our Technology

We are always updating and introducing new ways to provide excellent service to our customers.

How it works

Your Side

After your account has been setup with us, you and your staff will be able to put more focus into day to day task. You can forward your phones at anytime of day. Or we can answer your phones 24/7/365. Its all up to you and what you feel your business needs, Customize your account to whatever suites your business the best. 

Our Side

After forwarding us your phone calls our operators use the custom answer phrase our management staff has setup with you. Each call we receive for your company is routed to its own specialized account.  This allows our staff to have every detail of your company that you provide at they're finger tips. Empowering them to serve your customers professionally and accurately.  

How it works

"The Message Center has allowed my staff to focus on other aspects of our company rather than answering phones and taking messages all day."

- Customer Mentioned


Saving Time

Modern Technology


Boost Growth


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Request more info.

To find out more information about our services and becoming a customer, please fill in your contact details or call us and one of our management team members will be happy to assist you.

Tel: (765)-288-2951

433 E. Charles St. Muncie IN, 47305

Success! Thank you for requesting more information! One of our management staff will follow up with your shortly!

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